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Sigal Chuchcovich, Mirage, 2014, roots of citrus trees, rubber tubes, wood and burnt petroleum oil

The fund was established in 2008 as the Friends Association of Sapir College’s School of Visual Arts, in order to support the school and its staff in promoting the school’s vision and mission. Sapir College’s Friends Association focused, from its beginning, on increasing awareness of artistic activity in remote areas as a top priority. It chose to support this school for its being the sole art school in the southern region of Israel, and for the purpose of helping the citizens of Israel’s South, who have been contending with an ongoing conflict and an unstable security situation for a long time.    


Among the projects supported by the Association:


  • Scholarship program

80,000 NIS were awarded to honor and low-income students from Sapir College’s School of Visual Arts. 


  • “Fresh Paint” art fair

Every year, one of our graduates was chosen to present his or her work at the “Fresh Paint” art fair, which is held in Tel Aviv, creating a meaningful stepping-stone for them. 


  • The Be’eri Gallery and the school’s gallery

Two honor graduates are selected annually to exhibit a fully-funded solo show, one at The Be’eri Gallery (at Kibbutz Be'eri), and one at the Sapir College School Gallery. 


  • Annual graduation exhibition at Chelouche Gallery 

The Art School’s yearly graduation exhibition was presented also at Chelouche Gallery in Tel Aviv, in order to increase students’ visibility to the professional art field audience in the center of Israel. 


  • Guest lectures and gallery tours

The Friends Association has been funding trips to art venues all over Israel, as well as lectures by leading artists and senior art lecturers,  to increase the students’ exposure to art professionals from the center.


Amongst the school’s notable alumnae, which the Friends Association had supported, are: Zaudito Yossef Seri (2014) had solo shows at the Be’eri Gallery and the Negev Museum of Art, Beer Sheba, participated in a group show at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art in 2014, and in “Fresh Paint” art fair in 2018; Dana Harel (2014) exhibited at the Artists’ Greenhouse in the  “Fresh Paint” art fair in 2019; Sigal Chuchcovich (2014) had solo shows at the Be’eri and at Chelouche galleries, and has participated in the “Zoom 2016” project, showcasing young Israeli artists; Moran Asraf (2017) presented a solo show at the Jerusalem Artists’ House in 2018, participated in “Zoom 2019” project and in group shows as part of Zumu - Museum on the Move, the Afula Municipal Gallery, and more. 

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