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Dana Harel, Untitled, 2016, ink on paper, installation view from duo exhibition Black Stains

Art Lane is a fund for the support of art in Israel’s peripheral areas. It has been established based on the desire to narrow the gap between the art world in the country’s center and its remote areas and to advance, encourage, and support the presence of visual art in the periphery.

‘Periphery’ is a term used to denote areas that are remote from the metropolitan hubs, specifically from Israel’s central region. Gaps in investment in the periphery and the center create distance, which is not only geographical, between those areas; statistics on social and economical differences between settlements in the center and outside of it are published frequently. 

We place the utmost importance on enhancing the practice of art in complex environments, and we believe in uniting the forces of center and periphery in Israel, recognizing that art is an essential language for the whole of society, as well as a cultural necessity for every community. We believe that art can be used to bridge differences and break barriers of language, perception, and faith, and that art-making can be a major factor in leading social and environmental change.

We are glad and proud to invite anyone who is active in this field - such as artists, curators, museums, art galleries, and non-profit display spaces to apply for our grant program and request support for a project to be realized in the periphery. Initially, the Fund will support projects intended for presentation in established art venues. All Israeli and Israeli-based artists are eligible to apply for a grant, as long as their proposed project meets qualifications (for more information, please visit Apply for Support).



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